@161, Beach Road (0718)
@161, Beach Road (0718)

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Hong Guan (Tackle) started in 1942, distributing ropes, hardware and fishing nets. We started as a modest retail shop, before adding the fishing tackle retail business in the 1970s.

Pioneer Tackle, our proprietary brand was launched in 1997 and is headquartered in Singapore and with subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China, it is exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide.  Pioneer Tackle is cruising towards being the South East Asian market leader in fishing tackle distribution.

With our humble start, we are confident in expanding the business together with you.


To be the South East Asian market leader in fishing tackle distribution. It is indeed a tough and challenging goal, but we believe that it is achievable with our diligence and strong determination attitude.


To provide our partners and customers with quality fishing tackle that is priced competitively.


Sincerity, Integrity, Perseverance and Willingness to innovate.



At Pioneer tackle, we prioritize the importance of our partners’ needs. We constantly strive to provide quality fishing tackle by understanding, customizing and personalizing our products accordingly in order to meet the needs of our partners and their respective markets.

We are passionate about developing new, exciting products. That is why our Product Development team is always on the move to keep-up with the latest technologies and aesthetic design in the industry.

With our dedication & transparency in business, Pioneer Tackle has captured a populous of partnerships in the region and will continue to strive.


Since its inception in 1942, Pioneer Tackle has grown by leaps and bound to become a leading fishing tackle distributor in South East Asia.

Pioneer Tackle is headquartered in Singapore, with its owned subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. We constantly yearn to expand our business around the globe by seeking growing companies within the industry to join our distribution network to grow the business together, in addition to our current exclusive distribution agreements in more than 30 nations worldwide.

We welcome inquiries and feedbacks, and are open to innovative ideas in order to grow together as a whole in the trade.

For interested companies, feel free to contact us for further details.