One of our very own brands that put us on recognition in the trade, Pioneer brings a wide range of products that targets the widest range of anglers without exceptions.


Pioneer Tackle brand logo comprises of 2-parts - “PT” and “Pioneer”


These icons used represent the tackle trade that we’re in, hence allowing customers to establish and identify our brand very easily. As for the colour [BLUE] - represents water (again water is related to our trade) and most importantly, the colour represents the direction and strategy that the brand will always take - “The Blue Ocean Strategy...”



Exclusively developed and designed in Japan, V-Tro provides a distinctive line of mid-tier products that caters to professional/enthusiastic/aggressive anglers.



A cost-effective range of products that is good value for aspiring anglers before bringing them up to the next level, without compromising the qualities of our products.


Accuz presents its product to the widest range of anglers, offering a diverse approach to its aesthetic design of an equivalent, or even better, quality and performance.